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God Loves Munich – first event!

On Sunday 29th October we hosted our first public event as a church plant.  As we are a small team we needed to enlist a lot of help from friends [*credits below] but it was a great feeling to make a positive statement about who we are, what we believe, and what we are dreaming of.

We hired a room above one of Munich’s most iconic beerkellers hoping to make the statement that though we are an international team we desire to plant a German church!  So the location was stunning and we did our best to put together a programme that pointed to God and communicated about his heart for the city of Munich and the nations.

We were enormously blessed by a team of 8 wonderful individuals from Trinity Church London.  For 48 hours before our event hey prayed, they prophesied, they walked the streets, they sat in cafes, they encouraged, they connected with people – anything to build the kingdom of God.  Thank you!

Quite simply, the amount of people who came to help us and support us was the most encouraging thing that could have happened to us.  Of the 35 people who attended, 26 were there because they were helping or providing moral support.  Thank you so much to each one of you.

The other 9 people were also wonderfully encouraging, and the reason that we are here in Munich.  They were diverse in nationality (Malaysian, American, Montenegrin, German, Russian) and all there for different reasons.  Our sincere and deep prayer is that we can remain in contact with them and support them on their discipleship journey.

We hope this event will be regular but it certainly won’t be frequent.  The nitty gritty of what we do as a church planting team is meeting with people individually, informally and semi-formally.  We really believe that the work of discipleship in this post-christian era is achieved through spending quality time with people, not through getting people to attend church meetings.  With this in most of  our activities for the rest of this academic year will all take place in cafes, bars, work places and round dining tables.

Nevertheless, we are planning similar events in January, April and July.  Please do consider coming out to help us with these.  We are especially low on numbers supporting us for the January mission weekend (11-14th).

To whet your appetite here is a little video that Anya put together:

*With thanks to:
Trinity Church London
Duncan Hanton
Uli Pfauth
Susie Minnear
Ronya Lunz
Jonathan Spybey
James Williams
Tom Kingdom
….everyone who came along to support us
….everyone who prayed and sent encouragements
….and of course the Gateway Church Munich team!


Recharging & Receiving

We’re so happy to have joined Regio Gemeinde (from near Basel) for their Ascension Weekend Away.

These guys really know how to be hospitable, have fun and worship sincerely in the presence of God.

We’re really privileged that a team from King’s Arms Bedford are here serving with ministry and teaching. It’s been an amazing time of releasing and refreshing.

We love being part of the body of Christ and couldn’t be doing this without our wonderful brothers and sisters.

Catalyst Video Blog

We are really privileged to have been featured on Catalyst’s social media today.  We were asked to put together a video of our journey so far.  See the video below and the text from the Catalyst Facebook page:

“When God calls people to new towns, cities and countries it can all sound very exciting. And most of the time, that’s exactly what it is! We often forget however, the challenges that our friends who move away may face once real life sets in. 
We caught up with Nathan Adams and Rada Koprivica-Adams who moved to Munich from Wolverhampton in Summer this year. With their first term nearly over, and their first Munich Christmas in full swing, we wanted to share how they have been getting on. Have a watch of this video! Thanks Adams for sending it, and good luck for the new year!”

We are very grateful to be part of such an inspiring network as Catalyst.  There are so many churches and individuals within Catalyst who have been so supportive, thoughtful and generous.  Thank you to all of you!

Video Credits:  Camera – Janet Johnston, Child Distraction – Andy Johnston

Church Planting update from Calais Shuttle Freight Terminal

Apologies for the dishevelled look, barely comprehensible jabbering and sloppy camera work – this was 1am on Saturday morning after about 1600 miles driving and lots of loading and unloading!


No place like home

Anyone who has moved away from home will know that whenever you return it feels like home has changed.  Stay away for long enough and it doesn’t feel like home anymore.

I can definitely vouch for that with Sheffield.  I’ve spent time living in London, Coventry, Solihull, the Black Country and Montenegro but none of them have ever truly felt like home.  And every time I go back to Sheffield I feel more like I don’t have a right to be there.  Sheffield has moved on.  For Rada the feelings of loss regarding ‘home’ are even greater having spent the last 14 years away from Montenegro.

When we move to Munich we recognise that it is going to be a city where we are strangers and there will be a quick sense of detachment from the places we have previously called home.  The sense of loss of not having anywhere to call home can be incredibly intense and painful.

However, there is a place I have been to recently where I felt more at home than I have for years.  It was at the Catalyst Festival – the gathering of churches that are part of the movement we belong to.  The place is saturated with people we feel like we belong with and once the first meeting started I just really felt like I had come home.

I was pondering on this and came to the conclusion that it is like this because Catalyst Festival is like a glimpse of heaven, and heaven will finally be the place where we are totally and utterly at home.  We will be with God and his people without any of the barriers that we find on earth.  It will be amazing!

In the meantime, we follow God, we do things like move to Munich because we desire others to also follow God, to trust him and to ultimately find themselves absolutely and completely at home in the presence of God.

Catalyst Festival 2016 Video Review

Munich comes to the Black Country

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