Nathan, Rada, Anya & Aleksa's move to Munich...

Housing news…!

A lot of people keep asking us about our housing situation here in Munich.  As we were unable to secure anything permanent before we arrived we booked an Airbnb apartment for the first two months.  We knew that finding 3 bedroom apartment in Munich is tough but we hadn’t anticipated just how challenging! To say we have been consumed with the task would be an accurate description….100s of enquiries, dozens of visits and full applications…sometimes hope dwindles but you just have to keep faith that God has the right place for you and his timing is perfect.  We had become reconciled that we might not have anywhere by our 1st November deadline and further temporary accommodation may need to suffice.

This was immensely frustrating as we are eager to set up a great home that we can use for family life, hospitality and ministry.  Without a place to call home it feels like a significant part of this venture is on hold.  Not to mention that we miss all our belongings that are still in storage in Wolverhampton!

However, yesterday morning, we received the seemingly elusive email that we had been longing for.  We had been accepted for an apartment!  And not just any apartment.  This is bigger than we should be able to get and is in a fantastic location for us.  The feelings these last 24 hours since we got the news have been a bit crazy – relief, excitement, exhaustion and maybe a bit of hyperactivity for one or two of us!

View from our Airbnb Apartment....but only for two more weeks!

View from our Airbnb Apartment….but only for two more weeks!

We still need to meet the owner to sign the contract but we wanted to share this news as so many people have been so supportive and we just want to continue sharing this journey with you.  We are so grateful to God and thankful for the challenges in this aspect of moving as it has forced us to rely on him in a more tangible way than we have often previously known.

Next three main tasks:  Searching for jobs, finding an awesome Kindergarten for Aleksa and pressing on with the language studies.


When being in Narnia feels mundane…


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  1. Boyman

    Love to read good news! 🙂

  2. Bernice

    Fantastic news!

  3. Liz

    Yes Adams family!!! At last!! Hurah! (His timing is indeed perfect) x

  4. Joy Adams

    Wonderful – looking forward to seeing it. Love you all.

  5. Rachel Padfield

    This is fantastic news! Praise God!
    Will continue to pray for jobs!

  6. Lou

    Amazing news, continue to pray for the signing of the contract to run smoothly and the move of furniture from wolves.

  7. Pippa

    Woohoo ? X Rhian John’s daughter is coming to Munich in few weeks for a couple of weeks,she may seek you out.
    It’s an acting thing !
    Love & prayers xxx

    • munichadventure

      Do tell her to get in touch, best way is probably on WhatsApp on our UK numbers xx

  8. Hazel Robinson

    Wow!! That is brillint news!! Well done for persevering…. we’ll certainly be praying for the next lot of practicalities to be settled soon. Love you guys! Missing seeing you every month 🙂

  9. Dunc

    Great news, the plan is coming together 🙂

  10. Jacqui

    What a relief . Good luck xxx

  11. Matt Keefe

    Hello Nathan and Rada,

    Glad to hear you all found somewhere to live. What makes 3-bed apartments so hard to find in Munich? I’m curious.

    Best wishes,


    • munichadventure

      Cheers Matt,

      Any accommodation is challenging to find in Munich, it is an accessible and pleasant city with jobs and opportunities. The situation is slightly exacerbated by the blip in the increase of immigrants from the Middle Eats last year.

      I don’t think there is anything specific about 3-bed, it is probably just that demand is much higher for these as most families would have 2 or more children. Also, as the majority of property is made up of apartments in blocks then you get a much smaller proportion of 3-bed semi-detached type properties which are so common in the UK.

      We were told several times that a 3-bed apartment would be impossible to find in our position. Most people moving into Munich already have a job which means either your company sorts you out or you are already more attractive to a landlord. We don’t yet have a fixed income so naturally a long way down the pecking order. This proved true in all our enquiries and applications but we knew it would only take one landlord prepared to take a chance with us!

  12. Han Smartn

    good News! Glad to hear that…

  13. Jon

    Great news.. well chuffed for you guys, God has an awesome plan..

  14. Liz Green

    Thrilled for you. A real answer to prayer. Will keep praying.

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