Nathan, Rada, Anya & Aleksa's move to Munich...

Blog relaunch…..!

Sorry we lost the habit of posting on here!  We really love the concept of having this site as a record of what we are doing and to keep people updated with what is going on, so we have updated a little of the content will be making regular blog posts for the foreseeable future!

We have survived all the physical and mental stresses of Corona so far although Anya departed for the UK in August to begin studying A-levels at her old school. So now we are down to three….!

Please do speak back to us on the comments section and if you have any questions, or if there are any topics that you’d be interested to see covered then let us know!


Munich parkrun Birthday!


Putting Down Roots: Part 1


  1. Rachel

    Not much comment to make- except to say we love you guys heaps and your love for God and servant hearts and dogged pursuit of all God has for you! Bless you guys x

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