Munich is the third largest city in Germany with a population of approximately 1,500,000.  It is the capital of Bavaria and less than an hour from the foot of the alps.  A centre for business, arts, sport, finance, tourism and education, Munich is arguably most famous for Bayern Munich, Oktoberfest and BMW.  33% of people from Munich are Catholic, 12% are Protestant and almost half do not affiliate with any religion.  In the Mercer Quality of Living Survey Munich is currently placed fourth city in the world.

128769-004-618ACD10In October 2015 Colin Baron, a leader from Catalyst Network, suggested we think about church planting in Munich. To be honest, although we are passionate about international ministry, we had never thought about Germany.

However, as we put the idea before God he gave us a big vision of how important the city of Munich is.  It is a gateway from Western Europe to the east and to the south.  Any work that builds the kingdom of God in Munich will have a big effect on many other nations.

Some of the countries we love most have big immigrant communities in Munich which complements our passion to work with groups made up of people from different cultures and nations.  Over the coming months God began to open doors for us. By March 2016 we were resolute that God was calling us to leave our life in England and move to Munich.

As we moved to Munich we joined with a small group (Hauskreis) who had been gathering for food, Bible study and worship. We love meeting with these guys and anyone is welcome to join us on a Wednesday evening or a Sunday morning (contact us for details!).

There are many other great people, churches and organisations in Munich who work hard and are faithful to God.  We have come to Munich in unity, openness and friendship with those who have been in Munich long before us.  We have really enjoyed beginning to get to know many of these precious people already.